Parametric Paper Installation

Int 659 – Parametrics – Spring 2014

Installation designed and fabricated by Esin Ekincioglu, Dillon Hanratty, Heng Li, and Shiva Pouryosef. Under guidance of critic Benjamin Howes.

Designed using Rhinoceros Grasshopper, Kangaroo, Lunchbox, RhinoCAM, and AutoCAD.

Materials: Lasercut Bristol Board, CNC Milled Plywood, staples.

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Proposal for Parametric Hanging Structure

The proposed hanging structure directs the view of passersby. With openings and tunnels that change shapes and sizes, it can also generate a multitude of visual transparency.

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In the grasshopper file, the initial hexagonal cells were generated with lunchbox, and I also experimented with two forces in kangaroo physics in order to manipulate the  geometry of openings.

Canvas at 12;37;49