Parametric Truss Tutorials

Embedded below is a six part series reviewing the parametric truss example we have been going through in the workshops.  As I mentioned in class, this is an extension of‘s classic tutorial.  In addition to the parametric and generative modeling techniques covered in the videos, we focus on the creation of reusable and easily readable functions, as well as naming and grouping best practices.  Enjoy!

Part 1:  Reference rhino geometry and create driving surfaces.

Part 2:  Create triangular faces from driving surfaces.

Part 3:  Offset triangular face’s border inwards and fillet.

Part 4:  Create and render planar surfaces.

Part 5:  Offset curve by area.

Part 6:  Offset curve by distance to attractor point.

Mid-Term Project: Parametric Seating

The brief for the mid-term project is available on google docs (the embed did not work with this doc – sorry).  We’ll go through this brief tonight as we discuss your individual schematic design options.  I thought it might be useful to share this before the presentations so that you know what we’re going for at the end of the project.  See you in a bit!

Firefly + Kangaroo

This is way too awesome not to post:

Firefly Vision tools + Kangaroo Physics from Daniel Piker on Vimeo.

Two grasshopper plugins, Kangaroo physics and Firefly, are used to enable direct interaction with Grasshopper geometry using a webcam.  Can’t wait to see the kinect version.

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