Perrin Vessels

The Perrin Vessels are a collection stemming from the same grasshopper definition.  The definition has two primary parts: 1, the creation of a vessel through lofted ellipses, and 2, the growth of forms on specified seedpoints upon that vessel.  The vessel’s shape remains constant based on parameters and can be reproduced, but the growth is unique every time the function is run, and cannot be reproduced or saved, unless the form is baked before it is reset or rhino is closed.  This creates the opportunity to develop collections without replication, and so each shot glass in a set, for example, would be different from the next.  Below is just one possible selection of individuals from an infinity of results.



To grow these forms I used and altered a DLA function written by Daniel Piker.  DLA=Diffusion-limited aggregation, or the process of creating a growth by attaching a wandering point to existing matter when it is within x distance.  DLA growth appears in nature often when particles move by Brownian Motion–one example is a mineral deposit.  Jean-Baptiste Perrin verified the existence of molecular structures through the study of Brownian motion.


Unlike the typical above picture of a DLA, I decided to create a minimalist aggregate, whose individual forms were emphasized and whose randomness and diffuse quality could easily be seen.  The minimalism of the aggregate also creates a more playful aesthetic that is symbiotic with the alcohol-bearing function of this collection.  Not to mention it’s easier to hold and clean.

For the entire definition and parameters used see my powerpoint:  final-presentation

wine23 shotglass champagnelowball2bowl2