Grasshopper for design studio…

Museum of Sound –  Interior Design Studio

entance_felt_acoustic louvres

Louvres – curve attractor to manipulate the angle of the louvres and point attractor attractor to manipulate the opening rotations.


Resonating ceiling – Delauney triangulation and the edges that hold them are “pipe”-d. Simple but effective

Wall – Cull pattern!


Divide curve -> Orient (shape) -> Rotate (about the central axis)



Privacy Screen…still in progress!

My screen is still in progress!  I originally wanted to create a wall surface with triangular openings similar to the images and sketches below, however, I was having a difficult time achieving that result.  Instead, below is what I currently have along with the definition.  I created a panel of triangles, offset them, and subdivided each triangle into more triangles. I will keep trying to see if I can get to the original design intent and post my progress.




privacy screen definition




Product Families Update

Since presenting this project, I’ve made a few adjustments to the product family. Last time, I had several different variables that I adjusted to produce each variation of the series of bracelets.  In this updated version, I instead only focused on one variable to make the five different versions, which is highlighted in the definition.  Also, I found that due to the volume of each item, the cost to print each bracelet in the cheapest material was ranging from $75 to $136…eek!  I therefore decided to scale them down to become napkin rings instead!  Here is the updated napkin ring definition and images of the napkin ring variations.  I’ve sent them to Shapeways to print so I will keep you all posted as soon as they arrive!