Aperture Strata Privacy Screen


By Pam Chaiyachakorn, Nina Djurkovic and Ana Vasquez

The Aperture Strata privacy screen was inspired by the naturally occurring veining found in leaves in nature and the work of La Voûte de LeFevre by Matter Design Studio.  By combining vornoi driven definition and attractors that control the opening of the apertures on the screen on a graphmapper, we were able to create variations of privacy by the movement of our attractors affecting aperture size.

Our team chose to use birch plywood for our material specifically for the richness and depth it would provide when the different layers of the plywood would be exposed.  We decided that having our screen CNC milled would be our best option in executing our design that includes a movement from sharp geometric shapes to soft organic shapes.  Due to the long milling time and limited hours at Pratt’s CNC mill, we did not have enough time to combine the panels below back to back.

Here are the variation of our panel: Final Group Presentation-Pam-Nina-Ana