Product Family – Chair – Final

My Product family focus on the ergonomics of the human body and its relation to the chair. I started with the chair structure to have control of its polygon segments, heights and size of the chair and seat. After that, I populated the chair with voronoi cell with the attractor points to control the density of the cells. The back support and the seating is definitely the most dense part. The last step was to thicken the wires with meshes. The different thickness responding to different parts of the chair is also considered, where the part that touches the ground is thicker than the upper part.

Product Families- Dynamic Light Shades

Inspired by light and shadow casting, I created 100 iterations of lamp shades originating from a single form. In doing so, I used pufferfish to tween two meshes. One mesh being a basic sphere with the top and bottom trimmed and the other being a duplicated and enlarged sphere that was twisted using the maelstrom component. Adjusting the factor input of the tween two meshes allowed me to create over 100 iterations of the form as it morphed between the two meshes. Afterwards, I used several weaverbird components to create a cutout pattern from the mesh allowing light to pass through in interesting ways.

2D Patterning and Product Families

Double layered, lightweight, parametric bowl that can be used to hold fruit and vegetables or any small items. The Grasshopper file uses some of the following applications: Pufferfish, Mesh +, Weaverbird, and TT Toolbox. The bowl variations of the final product are controlled by one single slider (pufferfish used to tween between 2 curves). The product variations were uploaded to Thread based on volume, and can be viewed here:

Previous version:

Parametric-Final presentation

Growing voloume for mutipurpose use

I test 4 different plots idea on my Rain dorp and water surface system. These plots idea were inspired by raind and echo.

I’m interested in the in& out volume transformation. Iterations of the form as it morphed starts with multi surface and point control. Afterward, I used weaverbird, kangaroo components to create thickness and skin pattern from the mesh to give the geometry a strong volume structure.

For the next step, I imagine how space in both sides could benefit human use.

Product Final – Rings + Bracelets

Using a parametric script that twists, lofts, and manipulates sectional geometry, this set of jewelry is the result of trials and errors for aesthetically pleasing pieces. 100+ rings and bracelets were created but the most successful / my personal favorite was selected and shown above. The rings of the set are rendered in sterling silver whereas the bracelets are intended to be a form of hollow/plated gold material.