I printed bracelet, it’s on scale and fits very nicely.

The total printing time was three hours, but I have been washing it since last Sunday!

I also tried to think about five family member bracelets. My idea is to start with the simple one and show how the shape changes and wraps outside.

BR-Family-5 11164164_992436347458405_1643863053_n-1 11129192_992432010792172_1886739459_n

Successful 3D Printed Cup!

Can’t make it to class today but…

3D Print Cup

I was able to print a cup and actually make it hold liquid– rum in this case ;) It holds almost exactly 1 oz and stands about 2″ tall. The last cup I printed had holes in the base. Using my Grasshopper definition and a bit of editing in Rhino, I was able to make a solid object that printed successfully in 3 hours on the Dimension printer on campus.