Mesh to Surface

Hi folks,

Anyone know how to convert a mesh to a surface? My partition code ends in a mesh, and in order to properly use the Unfold component we learned last class we need to plug in a surface. I tried “Deconstruct Mesh” and “Explode Mesh” but no luck so far. I did some internet searches, but no luck so far on finding a straightforward solution.



Unfold component creating overlapping pieces

We are working on transforming our partition into its component parts for laser cutting, but are having some trouble with the Unfold command you showed us in class. As you can see in the last photo, the planes are overlapping in some places. We tried to change the sliders to space things out, but no luck. Do we need to spread them out in Rhino? Could you make a recommendation?


Jin and Lily

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Grant Opportunities

Connected Futures Research and Prototyping Challenge_Flyer (1)

Hi All,

NYC Media Lab has two $25,000 grant opportunities coming up fast.

There’s the Connected Futures research grant to R&D prototypes in several tech oriented categories, and there’s this other one called Combine which is specifically there to provide seed money and exposure for groups interested in starting their own businesses.

There is a meetup tomorrow from 10-12ish that I’ll be attending, if anyone else is interested, let me know – /  The event tomorrow is invite/rsvp only.