3D printed wood

Hey all!

I have been trying to find places that allow you to print your 3D models in unique materials. I think Shapeways is the best option so far, but I also found a company named i.materialise. They don´t print in as many materials as Shapeways, BUT they have a new trial project including printed wood. I thought it was super cool so I wanted to share. The prices are about the same as Shapeways. The wood appears to be more of a particleboard consistency, but still super cool in my opinion. Check out the link below:



Heron Plugin

I went to the Grasshopper Plugin part 2 workshop today and learned some new tools, which I thought were very interesting. He talked about the Heron plugin, which I think can help us in further studio projects and it shows some of the amazing things Grasshopper and Rhino can do. I attached a video below, which explains the plugin better. It pretty much shows you how to bring google maps into Rhino/grasshopper, which will allow you to take the data and convert it into a 3D model of your site. I thought it was pretty awesome and helpful, so I wanted to share it.