Project 1_week5

The artwork is from the idea of the Sun.
The daylight gives the flower life.
A sun shape vessel gives flower “double” lives.

Does that make sense?
Become a unit.
Like the plant, like the shape of the vessel.
All being crossed and blended.



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Project 1-Final

Tse-Hsi (Josh) Chen

Smoke Tone

The vessel is made for incense and small candles. An Incense holder should not only be an incense holder, it should be part of the decorations within the house. When the customer put in the incense, smoke will be gradually coming out from all the holes on the vessel. Therefore, it will create a sense of mysteriousness while spreading the smell of the incense.

Project 1-Final

Tongtong Zhang and Jing Wang

Hollow Shadow

Wood pulp shows twisted lines which match the shape of the candle cover. The hollow shape creates shadows in the space. The shape changes with the trembling of the flames and add more energy into the space.

When the candle burn from top to bottom, the shadow changes with the height of candle. The wood pulp has its special smell and the flame helps the smell to spread.

Project 1 Final

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The vessel is in the shape of a heart and it’s not only a vase used for flowers – it can also serve as a decoration.  When you look down from the vase, you will see different sizes of heart shapes. The material used is metal. 

The development of the vessel

The range of the vessel

Project 1-Final

In Cage

This is an angular and hard feeling cage for pet birds, I want to use the diamond shape to present the sense of rich, the birds’ home is even this interesting, how about the interior design of human’s? This is what we interior designer should think about. A cage is an enclosure for birds, I was a fan of keeping bird, it is also a culture of Beijing City, iron and metal material makes cage looks more industrial and vintage.

Week 2

Assignment 1-Final

Twisted Waist

Inspired by the Canton Tower and was obsessed with the twisted loft form. An organic form with controlled pattern is what I’m looking for. However the pattern is somehow too rigid at some point so I changed the form to achieve some of the looseness.

When we discuss the norm “Vessel”, it is important to think about what scale level it could be. For the final concept I want to compare the architecture scale and the furniture scale.


With my pine cone


I decided to make a vessel for a pine cone I have.

The repetition of geometry is the crucial characteristic of the pine cone in terms of form. The form is derived from the first assignment which mimic the pine cone. The final prototype abandoned some of those similarity and represent it in a more abstract way. The pine cone is supposed to sit on top of vessel.

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