Project 1-Final

Tongtong Zhang and Jing Wang

Hollow Shadow

Wood pulp shows twisted lines which match the shape of the candle cover. The hollow shape creates shadows in the space. The shape changes with the trembling of the flames and add more energy into the space.

When the candle burn from top to bottom, the shadow changes with the height of candle. The wood pulp has its special smell and the flame helps the smell to spread.

Project 1: Assignment 2

The Skull vase

Project 1: Assignment 1


*First draw a straight line and a curve line

*Open the grasshopper, open two curve elements

*Set the straight line into a curve element than set curve line into the other curve element

*Open lunchbox type solution panel and diamond panel

*Connect “P” “A” to the solution panel

*connect “S” to the surface panel

*Use the number slider to change the number

*Copy all the result and bake the model

*Then do the second model I change to quad panel

*Last The third model I change to triangle panel