Pyramid Screen

While constructing the pyramid structure on the frame work I built, I had to find the intersecting points of the horizontal and vertical frames and extract those points to draw diagonal lines to create the 4 phases of the pyramid.

I could build the pyramid structure from a surface by extracting the grid points, obtaining 4 vertices numbered 0-3 and connecting them to form the pyramid surface. Nevertheless I couldn’t figure out how to do the same to build from points –

Ben helped me out with it by introducing a ‘relative item’ component that extracts 2 lists of points from a list and a ‘prune tree’ component that filters according to the amount of data on each branch (branches with few/no data items would be deleted) therefore being able to construct the pyramid surface.

I have attached a PDF file of the GH definition showing the same (rib intersection) and a screen shot of my Screen.

Hope this would be useful for those required to build up panels based on Rib intersection lines .

Need Advice!

Hi, Ben, guys,

I build two models on different scales.

I built the small one first.ImageImage

Since I want to cover the whole window, I changed the scale, however, the limited size for laser cutting is 32×18. I decided to use each triangle as a unit. The problem is how to hold them together. So i tried this structure as below,



while, the each unit is too heavy, and the whole structure can not stand. And i do not know how to attach to the window yet. Any advice?

Midterm Project Light Diffuser

The whole design is base on grids. By choosing specific points, the structure is divided into Diffuser part and Connection part. All geomotry is created according to point locations.

SInce last critique, I simplify the definition, which is only having 8 design drivers to control the scale of the diffusers. Meanwhile, I solve the the expension issue, so that the grid system can expend as many as possible.

Here are five diffusers.

Light Diffuser Sheng