Pyramid Screen

While constructing the pyramid structure on the frame work I built, I had to find the intersecting points of the horizontal and vertical frames and extract those points to draw diagonal lines to create the 4 phases of the pyramid.

I could build the pyramid structure from a surface by extracting the grid points, obtaining 4 vertices numbered 0-3 and connecting them to form the pyramid surface. Nevertheless I couldn’t figure out how to do the same to build from points –

Ben helped me out with it by introducing a ‘relative item’ component that extracts 2 lists of points from a list and a ‘prune tree’ component that filters according to the amount of data on each branch (branches with few/no data items would be deleted) therefore being able to construct the pyramid surface.

I have attached a PDF file of the GH definition showing the same (rib intersection) and a screen shot of my Screen.

Hope this would be useful for those required to build up panels based on Rib intersection lines .