Week8_Product Family Revision

I plugged in more different types of input data (it was used to be only 3, now I have 6) to show more variation.

revised tree.JPG

I also did a new gif for the new product family. (the white is because I set the model in Rhino to be transparent if you put a backdrop behind it, it will appear to be okay)


Last but most importantly—The link to Thread:


Product Families Week 2 – 5

Week 1 & Week 2 Sketches

I decided to design small vase. Then, I sketched out the the details.

Week 3 Inspiration

Flowers and Bees
-they help each other

Flowers benefit bees by providing them with all the food their colonies need, to survive.

Bees provide flowers with the means to reproduce, by spreading pollen from flower to flower in a process called pollination.


Week 4

I made the basic shape of my vase using Grasshopper and working with the frame.



Week 5

I added patterns to the vase.

Product Family Midterm_Yuting Feng(Una)

para cover .jpg

Project Statement This project was initially inspired from iron tower which has a intricate appearance and strong wire construction. My intention was to create vessels with multiple functions. In order to do that, I made the project super flexible in regards to the size of the object, points of division, size of openings, density and thickness of lines. As you adjust the variant, the vessel becomes vase, basket, or pen container.

Product family process 1.jpg

Product family process 3.jpg

100 Product family 

100 iteration.jpg




data set 1 gif

data set 2 gif








Key Parameter: Profile Curve

Screenshot (30)change movement 1