Light & Shadow – Tea Lights

My Project is a Family of Tea Lights. The motive was to create variations in the form of the tea lights with the variations in the intensity of light and shadow patterns by the respective forms, deriving from the same grasshopper definition. The primary function used was SHIFT LIST.

The design drivers considered are :-

1.Form –  (A) Radius and (B)  Height ( factor)




5.Shift overlap ( adding another layer inside the existing form).

The details and grasshopper definition are present in the definition below.

Light & Shadow – Tea-lights, Final Presentation

The video attached shows the transition of 5 tea lights, from one to another.

http://E:\Pratt\Semester 2\Parametric – Ben Howes\final project\final defination\Final Video\Video-Tealights\Video-Tealights.html

Few images of the 3D printed objects with light.

image 1IMG_1746

image 2IMG_1760

image 3IMG_1763

image 4IMG_1777