Ziqian Wang- Final Submission

Preject Statement

Whether in hospitals or in home, there are always lots of empty medicine bottles showing around us. After their content running out, most of these tiny bottles become part of our household refuse. However, there are something designers could do to change their fates. The design aims to make the empty bottles meaningful and useful again by using  geometric shells to transform them into tiny vases. The tiny vases can be used to raise flowers or store fragrance oil, which could decorate our surrounding to make patients or residents feel cheerful. 

The vases shell is generated by the following main steps. The first one is the graph mapper which controls the main structure curve of vases. After revolving the curve created by graph mapper, the initial vase shape is completed. The second key parametric is popgeo, which controls the points generated on vase’s surface. Using the points generated by Popgeo, the third significant command voronois can produce a series of geometric cells from vase’s basic shape. After extracting the intersection part of the vase surface and cells, the basic geometric pattern is done. To create more variation on the shell pattern, the points generated on the surface are  deleted by an operational formula, which clear some points from the top to bottom.  Color scheme is the last step to customize the vase, people can apply whatever colors they want on the tiny vases. These key parametrics provides generous possibility of recreation and customization. The unique tiny medicine vase could definitely enhance our living experience and happiness index.Ziqian Wang Final_Page_01Design IntentDesign Intent

Design SketchZiqian Wang Final_Page_03

Key Design Driver

Ziqian Wang Final_Page_04

Key Design Parametric



Ziqian Wang Final_Page_05


Ziqian Wang Final_Page_06
Points number&Seed


Ziqian Wang Final_Page_07
Control number A


Ziqian Wang Final_Page_08
Control number B


100 Selected Families


100 Families GIF


Final Print

Ziqian Wang Final_Page_12




Design Explorer




a few photos

hey, a few quick photos of my printed vessels

experimenting with a porous external layer to improve thermal properties —


Perrin Collection (sorry for poor phone photo quality)–

two views of the wine glass

IMG_8018   IMG_8028

champagne flute and lowball glass

IMG_8006        IMG_8032




IMG_8029       IMG_8036

fractal definition

very relevant to dawkins’ work are these great definitions that general fractals.  If you follow this link and scroll down you can find the definition pictured below:



and here’s a picture of a vessel experiment i’ve been working on, modifying the fractal definition to grow off of specified points away from the center