Fall 2021 first project – Product Families

The first project for the Fall 2021 term – Product Families – can be found online here.


We’ll be exploring a different all-digital presentation/sharing workflow this semester during this course’s first hybrid run: using AR.js to prototype and present the project using free mixed reality technology.

Product Final – Rings + Bracelets

Using a parametric script that twists, lofts, and manipulates sectional geometry, this set of jewelry is the result of trials and errors for aesthetically pleasing pieces. 100+ rings and bracelets were created but the most successful / my personal favorite was selected and shown above. The rings of the set are rendered in sterling silver whereas the bracelets are intended to be a form of hollow/plated gold material.



Vessel by alix12 on Sketchfab

1. Use Polygon, set up three Number Sliders for Radius (R), Segment (S), Fillet Radius (Rf)

2. Use Move twice to extract the two polygons, use Unit Z to make them follow the Z direction. Add Number Slider following Unit Z

3. Pull up an Offset Curve for the three Polygons

4. Add Rotate for the bottom and top polygons

5. Use Loft Command to connect the three Polygons

6. Use Deconstructed Brep

7. Use LunchBox command to add pattern