Alex and I were inspired by the movement of this project by HygroScope, displayed at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.
The movement of this project was achieved by humidity– we would like to see if we can play with the idea of dynamism as well–perhaps with the air flow of the users/visitors can change the perception of the installation.

DesignReform video tutorials

Another fantastic resource for grasshopper video tutorials is DesignReform, which is run by the all stars over at Case.  The site is full of great practical knowledge, including a few videos that will be particularly useful for us; have a look at the Lunchbox video, and the two kangaroo videos.

Form Found ideation

Here are some ideas for the Form Found project:

A pattern could be created using hexagons with rectangular cut-outs. Using grasshopper, we could have sliders to control the number of cut-outs in each hexagon, as well as the size of each cut-out:

HEX pattern

When arranging the hexagons in a pattern, we could create a gradation of transparency:


We could also make the pattern more dynamic by rotating the hexagons so the “grain” of the rectangular cut-outs would change direction. The rotation could be done in a pattern or it could be done using random components in grasshopper:


This could be used either as a dividing screen or as the surface of some sort of enclosed space that people could stand in (sort of like a semi-private “conversation bubble”):


OR the gradation screen could be used as a lighting element. We could create a hanging structure to sit below one of the fluorescent tube fixtures. If we used reflective mylar as a material, it could create some interesting lighting effects: