Form Found ideation

Here are some ideas for the Form Found project:

A pattern could be created using hexagons with rectangular cut-outs. Using grasshopper, we could have sliders to control the number of cut-outs in each hexagon, as well as the size of each cut-out:

HEX pattern

When arranging the hexagons in a pattern, we could create a gradation of transparency:


We could also make the pattern more dynamic by rotating the hexagons so the “grain” of the rectangular cut-outs would change direction. The rotation could be done in a pattern or it could be done using random components in grasshopper:


This could be used either as a dividing screen or as the surface of some sort of enclosed space that people could stand in (sort of like a semi-private “conversation bubble”):


OR the gradation screen could be used as a lighting element. We could create a hanging structure to sit below one of the fluorescent tube fixtures. If we used reflective mylar as a material, it could create some interesting lighting effects:


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