Jehs-Laub Lounge: Grasshopper Final Version

I’ve been struggling with the screen recordings, so here’s a low-tech version of my parameters in action:


I created the curves for the chair by referencing points from Rhino. I selected the top 3 points and connected a slider to them to change the x and z coordinates.


The bounding boxes that are referencing the geometry (“cushions”) onto the surface can change height by a number slider.


Those same bounding boxes can also be controlled by an attractor point, moving on the surface.


“Cushions” can change size in length….


…and in width. The original chair is a 3×5 grid.

This is the original Jehs-Laub Lounge chair made in Grasshopper:


These are my 5 design proposals, including the Grasshopper parameters I used for each one:

JL_Presentation.012 JL_Presentation.013 JL_Presentation.014 JL_Presentation.015 JL_Presentation.016

Aldana Ferrer Garcia.-

Parametric Seating Part I= JEHS+LAUB LOUNGE CHAIR by Knoll

When the opportunity to develop a new lounge collection arose in 2007, Knoll Director of Design Benjamin Pardo immediately went to German designers Markus Jehs and J├╝rgen Laub. Pardo had hoped to work with Jehs + Laub for some time, thinking they were the right designers to further the legacy of Knoll lounge seating.

jehs+laub lounge chair leather and crome base
jehs+laub lounge chair
leather and crome base
jehs+laub lounge chair diagrams
jehs+laub lounge chair

Surface Model in Rhino of the chair:

jehs+laub chair_model 01jehs+laub chair_model 02

Proposed Variables:



Fishbone Chair Render

Hi guys!

This is my Fishbone Chair rendering. I am trying to get the notches in the chair right now. It took multiple tries but it looks pretty close, however, the only peeve I have with my rendering is that its not “egg shaped”. If you look at the view of the chair from the front or top, you can see its still rectangular. It should also curve, see reference image of actual chair. I may change it, now that I know the process, it should be quicker.

good luck to everyone!

fishbonechair Fishbone_chair_FINALL