DesignReform video tutorials

Another fantastic resource for grasshopper video tutorials is DesignReform, which is run by the all stars over at Case.  The site is full of great practical knowledge, including a few videos that will be particularly useful for us; have a look at the Lunchbox video, and the two kangaroo videos.

ModeLab video tutorials

Local design studio and learning collective ModeLab has published a series of fantastic tutorial videos for Grasshopper.  These guys have been Grasshopper experts for years and are generous enough to share some of their knowledge on the web for free.

Here is a link to their free ‘Introduction To Grasshopper’ video series.  This series covers most of what we have seen in class so far and is a great resource for sharpening up on the basics.  Highly recommended.

I’ll be posting a few more over the course of the term, but feel free to have a look at all of these at your convenience.  They also introduce scripting in python pretty clearly, and provide a wide cross section of contemporary design knowledge.  They are charging for some of the more advanced content, but  lots of good stuff is available for free.

Parametric Truss Tutorials

Embedded below is a six part series reviewing the parametric truss example we have been going through in the workshops.  As I mentioned in class, this is an extension of‘s classic tutorial.  In addition to the parametric and generative modeling techniques covered in the videos, we focus on the creation of reusable and easily readable functions, as well as naming and grouping best practices.  Enjoy!

Part 1:  Reference rhino geometry and create driving surfaces.

Part 2:  Create triangular faces from driving surfaces.

Part 3:  Offset triangular face’s border inwards and fillet.

Part 4:  Create and render planar surfaces.

Part 5:  Offset curve by area.

Part 6:  Offset curve by distance to attractor point.

GH Workshop 1 recap and additional examples

Since there were quite a few questions during our first GH workshop and we didn’t get through all of the examples, I thought a recap / demo video might be helpful.  The recording below covers the example we did in class, and includes two additional examples that should help you complete the roof structure assignment.

Hopefully this will be helpful for some of you – I know these types of tutorials are very helpful for me when I’m learning new software.  If there are any questions or comments, please post them in the comments.  Good luck with grasshopper!