Digital Futures Meshing Workshop Tomorrow!


Tomorrow from 12-4pm, David Mans of Grimshaw Architects and Digital Futures (also the developer of Mesh+) will give a series of [4] 1-hour workshops on form-finding and advanced meshing workflows in Grasshopper.  This promises to be highly excellent material – I’m hoping to catch the Mesh+ and Cocoon sessions myself.   What better way to spend a rainy Saturday could you ask for, eh?


DesignReform video tutorials

Another fantastic resource for grasshopper video tutorials is DesignReform, which is run by the all stars over at Case.  The site is full of great practical knowledge, including a few videos that will be particularly useful for us; have a look at the Lunchbox video, and the two kangaroo videos.

Firefly + Kangaroo

This is way too awesome not to post:

Firefly Vision tools + Kangaroo Physics from Daniel Piker on Vimeo.

Two grasshopper plugins, Kangaroo physics and Firefly, are used to enable direct interaction with Grasshopper geometry using a webcam.  Can’t wait to see the kinect version.

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