Family of Products_WindowPlanters

This family of products is a Planter Collection meant to be hanging next to a window. It serves different types of plants, according to different sun and shade needs. The product is composed of two parts: the “Body”, which holds the soil and plant roots; and the “Parasite”, which provides shade and structural support to the plant.   FamilyPlanters

Product Families Assignment

The final assignment for the Spring 2015 term, Product Families, can be viewed at the following location:

Students are asked to design and produce a family of 3D printable products with grasshopper, and to iteratively print family members to help inform the design process.

Stalasso Table by PATH

Hi All!

I was looking for 3d printed ceramics+wood and found this very simple+beautiful table.. Cool thing is:

“A single ‘definition’ accommodates the generation of surface, deformation, material thickness, variability and tolerances and even cost of 3D printing. The same ‘definition’ could be used to generate any number of configurations and variations, with very little preparation for fabrication.”

StalassoTable 01StalassoTable 02 StalassoTable 03