Free Standing, Form Found, Laser Cut

The final project description for the Spring 2017 semester final project – Free Standing, Form Found, Laser Cut – is available by following the link below.

Students will design and fabricate laser-cut, partially-enclosed spaces for toddlers.

Adjustable curves in Grasshopper- no rhino geometry!

Finally figured out how to define curves in grasshopper so that their length and offset are variables, therefore the overall lofted form changes from iteration to iteration. This was adapted from tutorial 5 ( with a graph mapper to set the form of the curves. It was important to break down the lines into point coordinates and then rebuild those points. The resulting loft can now be the form of my driving surface.adjustable-curvescode-adjustable-curves

Voronoi Problem

Hey guys, I’m stuck at trying to open the bottom side of this mesh. The end product will be a small table lamp/tealight . Right now, the mesh is closed on all sides, meaning it would be impossible to place a light bulb/candle inside. Tried Brep|Brep and Solid Difference but no luck. Also tried using a surface with an open bottom, but it always gets capped. Voronoi keeps wrapping around geometry.