Voronoi Problem

Hey guys, I’m stuck at trying to open the bottom side of this mesh. The end product will be a small table lamp/tealight . Right now, the mesh is closed on all sides, meaning it would be impossible to place a light bulb/candle inside. Tried Brep|Brep and Solid Difference but no luck. Also tried using a surface with an open bottom, but it always gets capped. Voronoi keeps wrapping around geometry.



One thought on “Voronoi Problem”

  1. Rina – you need some code to get rid of those bottom faces – right in between the voronoi/box intersection and the wb picture frames. You can do this with the cull faces component, using a logical test (are the faces’ centers below or near some z value) and a discpatch to come up with the cull pattern.

    By the way, we haven’t really done this sort of thing in class yet, but it’s super important… We are going to look at conditional modeling like this next week in fact – you need it for stuff like this!

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