2D Patterning and Product Families

Double layered, lightweight, parametric bowl that can be used to hold fruit and vegetables or any small items. The Grasshopper file uses some of the following applications: Pufferfish, Mesh +, Weaverbird, and TT Toolbox. The bowl variations of the final product are controlled by one single slider (pufferfish used to tween between 2 curves). The product variations were uploaded to Thread based on volume, and can be viewed here:


Previous version: https://thread.thorntontomasetti.com/project/5fd3eb239c5c290004d8721d/explore?ds=5fd3ec6c9c5c290004d8722a&layout=5fd67091f1560800048da7da

parametric seating part 1 – Hugging chair

hugging chair

I chose my previous design project for this assignment. This is a reading chair, designed for prolonged, relaxed use.its asymmetrical, curving wings enclose the user in a space that feels secure: one feels embraced by the chair, or perhaps held in a large hand. One feels almost taken care of by the chair. It’s a space that helps the user achieve a special level of calmness and relaxation.

rhino model 1

rhino model 2

rhino model 3

I built a new digital model based on the original hand made prototype.

5 design drivers
The five design drivers focus on proportion, curve, multi-thickness, texture and frame, to explore more possibilities of this chair design.