project progress – Justin, Edeline and Seal

This is where we were in the midterm:
shape 6-0

In the past two weeks, we were trying to rebuild the form by hexagon cells and kangaroo, add pattern on the form and prepare for laser cut.

We succeeded in finding the form and flatten the hexagon shapes:
code for generating the form

code for generating the form2

But there are some imperfections of the form,
Such as the seam bisecting some hexagons:

And, some borders are missing:

We may need to divide some large shapes for the full scale model:

We tried to superimpose the pattern on the form,
But the pattern was only compatible with few sections. We think it was because the settings of the pattern need to be adjusted. We will work on that after the scale model.
code for generating the form3

For the 1/4 scale model, we use fewer pieces (127 pieces instead of 315 pieces for the full scale model)
and all thin chipboard

My partners will contribute more information shortly.

tutorial videos maybe useful to our current works

Digital toolbox ( has tutorial videos about orient surface for laser cut, make text tag and other cool stuff. Ben mentioned that website in a previous post. It gave our group a big help about how to generate the laser cut file.

I feel some groups are struggling with the same problem as us in this week, hope this can help :D