Fall 2021 first project – Product Families

The first project for the Fall 2021 term – Product Families – can be found online here.


We’ll be exploring a different all-digital presentation/sharing workflow this semester during this course’s first hybrid run: using AR.js to prototype and present the project using free mixed reality technology.

Fall 2019 Project 2 – Free Standing, Form Found, Laser Cut

The second project for the Fall 2019 semester – Free Standing, Form Found, Laser Cut – is here:


ETH Zurich, Block Research Group, Armadillo

Free Standing, Form Found, Laser Cut is an in-depth investigation into full scale digital fabrication and parametric prototyping, and will force students to embrace an iterative approach using generative design techniques and workflows.  Over the course of the project, students will master working with complex geometric data structures in Grasshopper, will become comfortable translating design models into digitally fabricated output, and will attempt to realize an ambitious project in a short time frame using experimental tools and workflows.