Fall 2019 Project 2 – Free Standing, Form Found, Laser Cut

The second project for the Fall 2019 semester – Free Standing, Form Found, Laser Cut – is here:


ETH Zurich, Block Research Group, Armadillo

Free Standing, Form Found, Laser Cut is an in-depth investigation into full scale digital fabrication and parametric prototyping, and will force students to embrace an iterative approach using generative design techniques and workflows.  Over the course of the project, students will master working with complex geometric data structures in Grasshopper, will become comfortable translating design models into digitally fabricated output, and will attempt to realize an ambitious project in a short time frame using experimental tools and workflows.

Fall 2019 Project 1 – 2D Patterning

The first project for the Fall 2019 semester – 2D Patterning – is here:


Joseph Albers – Textured Brick Wall study models

2D Patterning is a fast-paced introduction to parametric modeling in Grasshopper.  Students will learn how to build interactive, algorithmic drawings. By limiting the design problem to the two dimensional plane and focusing on purely graphical content, students are allowed to develop basic computational modeling and generative design techniques in the abstract.

Privacy Screens for Kids – Spring 2019

The final project for the Spring 2019 term – Privacy Screens for Kids – is available now.   Hit the link between the paragraphs below.  The assignment asks students to design a family of laser cut privacy screens for preschoolers, and to build 3 individuals at 1:4 scale.


Previously we’ve always built at full scale in the laser cutting projects.  Or at least we’ve tried too, with a hit-or-miss sort of success record.  I’m hopeful that the 1:4 scale will take some of the financial sting out of the projects, minimize catastrophic structural failures, and will force students to truly design in the plural form; you all must build three screens that work, not one screen that works.