Project Process: Justin, Seal and Edeline

Here we are looking for a shape that could work for our mesh of our “form found”. It came from the hexagon shape and cutting out the triangular corners. It has the organic shape that could help us with our form. On the back it has the taps for the connections. Is still in process, but is something to consider.

hexagono para parametric


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Form Found: Parametric Cave by Justin, Seal and Edeline

The form finding parametric project presented is the creation of different ideas collected in our group. When we brought together our ideas we end up generating an enclosed space where in one point of the installation is upright from the floor and other points are suspended from the ceiling. The first shape created simulates a canopy allowing the spectator an underneath seating experience. The second shape created, the canopy is modified to create a more enclose area using arc shapes and creating a center hole experience for the spectator. The second shape is situated on the corner of the room and two of the arch openings are attach to the walls to enclose and create a cave experience. The third shape delivers from the second shape using the arch forms and cave experience. This shape is altered and modified to form two arch openings, one is located on the wall and the other one is the entrance of the parametric cave. We also created a hexagonal patter to apply to our form found surface. Each hexagonal shape will have different sizes and each orientation will be rotated. The goal is to create a gradation of cut-out sizes using an attractor point and randomized the rotation pattern. The union of the hexagonal patter and the shape of our installation will create a playful light and shadows enclose experience to the spectator.









parametric cave 1 from edelinebigas on Vimeo.

parametric cave 2 from edelinebigas on Vimeo.

Parametric Truss Issue

Truss A Create Driving Surfaces 1 Create Planar Triangle Faces 2 Draw Offset Curves and Fillet 3 Offset Curves by Area 4 Create Planar Surfaces and Render- Area Gradient 5

Here is my development of the Truss Assignment. First, the truss demo is different from the file that we got on class. I try to change the process of Grasshopper so it looks the same to the demo. But for some reason I don’t understand why the Rhino projection of the inside triangle are not in a void, it looks that is a complete surface instead?? Can some one help and tell me what I did wrong?