Privacy Screens for Kids – Spring 2019

The final project for the Spring 2019 term – Privacy Screens for Kids – is available now.   Hit the link between the paragraphs below.  The assignment asks students to design a family of laser cut privacy screens for preschoolers, and to build 3 individuals at 1:4 scale.

Previously we’ve always built at full scale in the laser cutting projects.  Or at least we’ve tried too, with a hit-or-miss sort of success record.  I’m hopeful that the 1:4 scale will take some of the financial sting out of the projects, minimize catastrophic structural failures, and will force students to truly design in the plural form; you all must build three screens that work, not one screen that works.

Product Family Midterm – Michelle Lei

Product family – Necklaces

The design of the necklace is made using Mesh+

The idea was to have necklace where the amount of shape changes the density of the design. The overall shape of the necklace is currently fixed at an almost bib like shape.

The U count controls the width (vertical change) and the V count controls the length (horizontal change) of the necklaces exoskeleton. The maximum U count and V count is at .0<10. Asides from the U count and V count other parts of the component was also tested out but it resulted in little (almost unnoticeable) change or exaggerated change (crazy pointy spikes).

At certain combinations of the number, the skeleton might not meet/join, typically split into 4 individual parts. There’s also a certain threshold that the number combination can’t pass, otherwise (screenshot with code) the exoskeleton gets angry and turns extremely sharp and unusable to function safely as a necklace.
Initial attempts and iterations on creating the skeleton and thickness of the necklace.