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Before the bracelet design, what I did was the design of the phone cover. Later, because the phone cover requires higher printing details and the accuracy of my home 3D printer is lower, the direction was changed to design the bracelet. Both designs use the same design elements: a random cutout pattern, VORONOI in the grasshopper.

The design is inspired by the pattern of cells and their randomness. According to research, the current urban population has a need for touch, so the design of hollows can enhance the tactile experience of the product and satisfied people. In the process of grasshopper design, I first measured the size of my wrist and hand, to ensure that the finished product can be suitable for my hands, and use this data as the basis of the surface morph. The shape of the bracelet is small in the middle and small at both ends, which is a combination of Rococo and modern minimalist style. By varying the size and number of holes, different patterns and varying degrees of feel can be produced.

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3D Printing Process

In the process of 3D printing, I faced some problems. The first is the thickness of the model. I ignored this at the beginning of the design. When the first model was printed, there was too much support PLA material in the hollows due to the thin thickness. Secondly, because there are a lot of hollows in the model, it is easy to appear the dangling of the 3d printed material, which leads to model broke. After that I revised the thickness of the model and appropriately reduced the distance between holes.

Previous Phone Cover Design

In this project, I learned how to use tt toolbox to take screenshots and use thread for visual data analysis, and understand the basic functions of grasshopper. However, there are still many problems that I cannot solve because I lack the ability of control details. In the later study, I will first think deeply about the design details and then use software to archive them.