Final Window Screen

The site is the Material Library located in Pratt Studio, on the first floor. Since the window is facing the northwest. The sunlight is coming from the same direction. The whole idea is using window screen serving two functions. The first one is filtering the light, the second one is changing the direction of light.
I choose to use diagrid structure because it provides me the triangle geometry which can direction of change the light, I divide the structure into two patterns. Each pattern indicates one function.
According to different seasons, the pattern of window screen changed. In spring and winter, the purpose is getting more light in and filtering certain kind of light. In summer, the purpose is preventing much sun lighting going though the space, so order to reduce the radiation. In winter, the purpose is getting as much sun light as possible, and bringing more light into the space. The criteria decides what the screen looks like.

PDF link:

final screen


IMG_8577IMG_8586IMG_8578 IMG_8592

Ecotect issue

Ecotect issue

So, i download the installation of Geco, when i click it , it disappears. When i open the grasshopper file, it warns geco component is missing.

then i call my friend, he sent me the file “Geco.gha”, i drag it into the grasshopper directly. Then i have “Extra” on my top right bar in grasshopper. However i can not lunch the Ecotect Program even i turn the toggle to be true.

Need Advice!

Hi, Ben, guys,

I build two models on different scales.

I built the small one first.ImageImage

Since I want to cover the whole window, I changed the scale, however, the limited size for laser cutting is 32×18. I decided to use each triangle as a unit. The problem is how to hold them together. So i tried this structure as below,



while, the each unit is too heavy, and the whole structure can not stand. And i do not know how to attach to the window yet. Any advice?

Midterm Project Light Diffuser

The whole design is base on grids. By choosing specific points, the structure is divided into Diffuser part and Connection part. All geomotry is created according to point locations.

SInce last critique, I simplify the definition, which is only having 8 design drivers to control the scale of the diffusers. Meanwhile, I solve the the expension issue, so that the grid system can expend as many as possible.

Here are five diffusers.

Light Diffuser Sheng