Ecotect issue

Ecotect issue

So, i download the installation of Geco, when i click it , it disappears. When i open the grasshopper file, it warns geco component is missing.

then i call my friend, he sent me the file “Geco.gha”, i drag it into the grasshopper directly. Then i have “Extra” on my top right bar in grasshopper. However i can not lunch the Ecotect Program even i turn the toggle to be true.

2 thoughts on “Ecotect issue”

  1. What is the error message you are getting from that GH component? I think you need some files besides the .gha. Try downloading a fresh installer – i just did it today and it worked fine.

  2. i solve it, the latest version of Geco is not working, so i download the lower one and find another missing file is Gecolink.dll and i copy it to component file, it works now

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