Parametric Seating

For the Parametric Seating Assignment, I chose to use Konstantin Grcic’s “Chair One”.


Below are several rendered views of the model I built in Rhino.

ChairOne Rhino Rendering

I will use Grasshopper to alter this model according to the below design drivers:

(1) HEIGHT – I will alter the height of the chair by increasing the length of the chair legs, while maintaining the distance between each of the legs on the ground.

ChairOne height adjustment diagram

(2) BACK TILT ANGLE – I will alter the tilt angle of the back of the chair.

ChairOne back tilt diagram copy

(3) CUT-OUT SIZE – I will alter the sizes of the triangular cut-outs in the surface of the chair to fill in or open up the surface of the chair.

ChairOne thickness adjustment diagram

(4) SUBDIVISION – I will create a driver to subdivide each triangular cut-out into three smaller triangular cut-outs.

ChairOne subdivision diagram

(5) SEAT WIDTH – I will alter the width of the seat so the chair can be transformed into a loveseat or a longer bench. I will increase the length of certain of the triangular “legs” to make the chair wider. I will set a limit for the length of these legs. I’ll use a Boolean operation to identify when that limit is reached and trigger a subdivision of the triangles that contain that leg.

ChairOne width adjustment diagram

– Justin Crocker