Daniel`s Bench

The Mathias Pliessing is made of plane C shaped beams, which support smaller plied strips of wood. The process was very slow just for building one version of it in Rhino.

In Grasshopper the process was much easier. First two major curves serve as base for N number of other smaller curves, which were populated, in the first ones. Secondly, the new layer of lines gave place for a new population of curves. The outside layer of parallel lines is perpendicular to the ones underneath it and has smaller transversal dimensions. Finally, the parameters are the chosen base curves and all these beams and ribs that can vary on their number. Moreover there are three longitudinal sections on the beams that vary according to a graph that serves as a driver. Among several advantages, which make the process faster, building the bench with GH allows a change of several parameters that generates the “evolution of the chair”.