PRIVACY SCREEN_Help with list and loft!!


I have 2 layers of curves with the corner points numbered. I’m not sure how I should connect the corners based on the numbering inorder to loft them. for e.g connect corner 1 in the layer below to corner 1 in layer above. Capture2

2 thoughts on “PRIVACY SCREEN_Help with list and loft!!”

  1. The order of the curves’ points looks clean – it feels like you have to get those two polylines (from top and bottom layers) in the same branch of a data tree, and then the loft component should work on the whole collection.

    If the top and bottom curves are in two lists of matching length, and the order of the two lists makes sense (item 0 in list A lofts to item 0 in list B), then you should be able to graft and simplify both lists, merge them, and flip the matrix.

    1. As of now I have 2 lists of matching lengths, but, they don’t loft to the corresponding items. I can probably show you the code before class starts. Also, they get a little messed up when I add the attractor points on them!!

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