Rhino Resources

I’ve compiled a few online Rhino resources over the past week.

I find the video tutorials to be the most helpful when learning a new piece of software, and there are a ton of resources out there on the web.  Here are a few good ones:

My colleague Jonatan referred me to digitaltoolbox.info today, which seems like a great resource.  I haven’t seen any of these yet, but the site seems very comprehensive.  If anyone has a look, let us know what you think in the comments.

Designreform.net has been around for years and has a wealth of video tutorials covering a very wide range of design software, including rhino and grasshopper.  Mostly focused on GH and rhinoscript, but there are a few good rhino ones in there too.

Paramod.net is another favorite of mine.  I haven’t seen the rhino tutorials, but I know that this guy is very thorough and clear.  There seems to be a great range here including a couple of more specific topics like rendering and drawing output.  Looks like good stuff.

On to the deep links.  The Rhino wiki and resources pages on McNeel’s site are the most noteworthy, and are very deep indeed.  The hidden secrets page is a little gem I just found today.

If anyone finds good Rhino resources out there, please share them in the comments.  Happy modeling!

sitscape modeling – week 1

Sitscape by Hackenbroich Architects is the object I plan to model for the variable section geometry assignment. It is a seating system that offers the sitter to sit in various positions.  The design is based on seven relaxed positions and the smooth transformations between them.

The following shows the process I took for modeling this object in Rhino. I created the geometry at each section cut and lofted them. This is my first pass at modeling this object in Rhino. More to come soon…

Class Syllabus

This is the class blog for INT 659.01, Rhinoceros and Grasshopper: Rule Based Modeling, at the Pratt Institute Interior Design department, Spring 2012.  The class syllabus can be viewed as a google document at this link.  Here is an excerpt from the abstract:

“Rhino and Grasshopper: Rule Based Modeling is an advanced level Interiors course that will teach students the fundamentals of rule-based modeling for design applications in Interior Design, Architecture and Product Design.  The curriculum will encourage a conceptual shift away from the authorship of individual design artifacts towards the creation and navigation of rule based design spaces.  In order to do so, the course will investigate rule-based and parametric design concepts and techniques in the context of a generative modeling environment: Grasshopper for Rhino.”