Parametrics for Thesis – Wanting She

Hey, I used what I learned from this class to do my thesis :) . Just want to share it.

My thesis addresses people’s sense of time and explores interior design to reduce their negative feelings during the waiting process. I explore this through building a modular system made of changing materials, volumes of space and quality of light inside the module to blur people’s perception of time, invite them to get involved and distract them from waiting while functionally meeting their physical needs to increase their potential and patience for waiting. The module is designed to accommodate most line situations and to fit within a variety of street and sidewalk conditions in New York City.

Wanting She - Thesi -533.jpg

Wanting She - Thesi -534.jpgWanting She - Thesi -535.jpg


Wanting She - Thesi -547.jpg

Wanting She - Thesi -548.jpgWanting She - Thesi -552.jpg