Anybody Else Having Trouble With Ribs?

Anybody Else Having Trouble With Ribs?

I created my mesh from two joined surfaces and then found a form, but when I plug the output geometry into the rib generating definition we created, it acknowledges all the points, but only creates polylines on half the mesh & only creates planes between the edges on the first and last lines in only one direction. Any ideas or suggestions?


JHomes_Seating Assignment_Final_Page_01 Grasshopper Definitions

I created this chair using a series of grasshopper definitions where the geometry was based upon a brep of the chair’s general form. A series of sections were taken, with the density controlled by the number of sections cut through the form. Their XY angles determined by a “Random” function and their YZ angularity based upon the added slider. The sections generated were then offset, with thickness being determined by the amplitude of this offset. The sections were deplaned & the points on each line were reorder so that a loft between them would generate only flat bands and then a conditional statement was added such that any pairing that did not occur between two polylines with the same number of segments would be culled.

Design Driver - Angularity Design Driver - Density Design Driver - Amplitude (Thickness) Bandstuhl Replica

Number ( 8 ), Amplitude ( 2.34 ), Plane Rotation ( 67 )

Bandstuhl Replica - Thin

Number ( 15 ), Amplitude ( .75 ), Plane Rotation ( 14 )

Bandstuhl Barcode

Number ( 15 ), Amplitude ( .31 ), Plane Rotation ( Disconnected )


Number ( 4 ), Amplitude ( 10 ), Plane Rotation ( Disconnected )Bandfuhl

Number ( 15 ), Amplitude ( 6.26 ), Plane Rotation ( Disconnected )

IF (this is not the direction I need to go)……

THEN ( I don’t know what) ELSE (I should be doing).

Anybody got a good resource on syntax & creating if, then, else operations? I’m thinking I need one to tell grasshopper not to create any band that goes around a corner (possibly where the points are not on the same plane or where they are further apart than a set distance, because it will result in a warped loft). Any links on making a conditional function or any ideas on a better way to preclude these instances?