2D Patterning – First Draft

The concept of my 2D patterning stems from an effort to try to create a hierarchy between two different pull points, which was made possible by using a multiplier on one of the pull points to have it impact more or fewer points than the other. I also toyed with the idea of transitioning from a simple shape to a chaotic shape, using an egg and a bat.

The five main factors I changed to make the drawings are the strength of the points, the shapes/tweening, the scale, the thickness, and the color gradient.

Going forward, I want to debug my code to create a more fluid pattern, and overall simplify my pattern to create drawings that are more visually appealing.

Hello World!

Hi! My name is Joanne Wu and I’m a junior Industrial Design student minoring in Interior Design. Later in my career, I would love to work in public space and placemaking, and I am taking this class to learn how to model dynamic spaces using accurate complex surfaces. I also love learning new 3D software, so I thought learning Grasshopper would be a great addition to my arsenal :).

Happy to be here!