Diffuser – Nijat Bunyadov





In the very beginning I was considering to make a light diffuser, hence I was researching different shapes of the diffuser. After I knew what I want to create, I build the model that would correspond to the initial function that I had in my head. It is noteworthy, that preliminary model showed me the other side of my structure and allowed me to look at it from another perspective. With that being said, I tried to apply the spotlight to the structure and I noticed that the shape of the shadows became more interesting than the light itself. The imperfection of shadows was so natural but not trivial. This pushed me to bring my model to a new level. I made the holes bigger and wider. The shape of the object was not stable anymore, it could be anything. Then I increased the thickness of the object, so the light can pass only through the holes (the first pre-model was made out of thin transparent plastic that would make it translucent).  In this project, I wanted to create a shadow diffuser that would allow the light pass through the holes and reflect on the surrounding of the object. None of the holes are the same which creates different shadow shapes.Final8100domain-enddomain-startGraphFinal12Final13Final14Final15


DATA for DESIGN EXPLORER – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NnOT0V1ZcWHcNgLNcuRMWgsJ6esDRv5Y