Newson Chair

I selected the Cappellini wood chair (1988) by Marc Newson to use for my parametric extensions.

Original Chair:


I began by drawing my end curves in Rhino and then by 2 rail sweeping the top and bottom curves to the side curves. I added 3 support curves in the seat, true to Newson’s design.  I also drew 4 additional curves in the center of the seat to reference for when I extend the seat curvature in grasshopper.

Rhino Model:


Next, I defined my design drivers and proceeded to grasshopper where I used sliders to manipulate the rib count and width, the length of the seat, and the curvature of seat.

Define Design Drivers:

Picture4 Picture5 Picture6

I got all of the drivers to run to the best of my ability at this point. The main thing I am still trying to figure out is how to attach driver 1 (Rib count and width) to the drivers 2 and 3.  This is probably something very simple….

Driver 1 Rib Count:


Driver 2: Rib Width


Driver 3: Seat Length


Driver 4: Seat Curvature



Truss = some crazy stuff

The truss exercise was going smoothly until I got to drawing offset curves and fillet.  I’m not sure what went wrong.  Maybe the points are in the wrong order? When I click on the points they don’t show that they are selected in green. Or maybe it has something to do with connecting the surface driver server to the client. But I keep rewatching the videos and I feel like I am doing everything the exact same way.

How is everyone else doing with their truss?



When I connect the single surface to the surface driver server I get above. When I connect the Isotrim to the single surface driver I get the below craziness. This problem only started once I started with the offset curves and fillet. Trying to figure out what went wrong…. AHH.