PH Kayak by Sam

PH Kayak is an expedition ocean kayak often used for long sea fairing journeys. The kayak is made of two main parts that meet at a part line around the waist of the kayak. I chose to construct the kayak so that the two surfaces “Top” and “Hull” would be separate and meet at this part line or “Seam”.

I constructed these two surfaces by projecting and extruding drawn top and side curves referencing those views from PH’s website.  These basic outline curves were extruded as surfaces and projected on to the extruded surface to intersect at the desired “Seam” curve.

By created a network of section curves coincident to Seam, Top, and Hull curves I could create two networked surfaces that got very close to the seam curve. Yet these two surfaces never actually touched. I then rebuilt the Top network of curves such that the resulting surface would intersect with the Hull surface by lowering it a couple of inches and extending the curves and rebuilding the surface.

The two intersecting surfaces could then be trimmed and additional surface treatment added such as a fillet or round at the “Seam” between the top and hull surface.

PH Kayaks have multiple storage areas required for long expeditions. I added these by drawing the openings as concentric circular curves in a top view Cplane then extruded them through the top surface. The intersecting surfaces were then used to Split the Top surface into the storage openings and the covers for the opening. The surface covers were offset from the Top surface and lofts were created between them. The same was done for the seating area but instead of a split, trim was used and then chamfered to reduce the sharp edges.

Presentation to come shortly.