Yingjie Wang_Final Submission


Project Statement:Everyone has a pen holder on the desk. My project is to design a unique pen holder. Inspired by the shape of the Canton Tower, it is a hyperbolic shape formed by a number of straight pillars. I hope to create a uniquely shaped pen holder by twisting and controlling the direction of the pillar.

My model comes from a point,then generate a line that can control the height from this points. Then divide the line equally and generate a circle at each point. The radius of these circles is controlled by the graph mapper. Then divide the circle equally to generate points. Rotate these points to twist. The degree of rotation is also obtained by connecting these points in the vertical direction to get a vertical line. Inverted vertical lines are obtained by changing the order of the connection points.

So my model has four key parameters, height, density, shape, and direction of the structure line. Considering that it is a pen holder, set the height to 5 inches to reduce the number of models generated.

Finally I used Colibri to generate 2700 models. Then upload them to design explorer to screen 100 family models and the final 5 printed models.屏幕截图(85)


Key Parameter: Height1

Key Parameter: Density1

Key Parameter: Profile Curve 11

Key Parameter: Profile Curve 21


Design Explorer