Parametric Seating – Summer midterm project

The Parametric Seating project brief is embedded below, and is also available on google docs at this link.  Unlike last semester, students were asked to choose an existing seating system to model in rhino and grasshopper instead of designing their own.  Hopefully by taking the design work off the table, we’ll be able to better focus on proper technique and gain a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of parametric and rule-based modeling.

Mid-Term Project: Parametric Seating

The brief for the mid-term project is available on google docs (the embed did not work with this doc – sorry).  We’ll go through this brief tonight as we discuss your individual schematic design options.  I thought it might be useful to share this before the presentations so that you know what we’re going for at the end of the project.  See you in a bit!

Reading assignment – Out of Control

I forgot to mention the reading assignment at the end of class on Thursday.  It is in the syllabus, but I thought a reminder might be in order.

The assignment is to read the chapter ‘In the Library of Form’ in Out of Control by Kevin Kelly.  This work will introduce us to the concept of a multi-dimensional design space, or what Kelly calls a library.  We’ll discuss it during the grasshopper workshop next week.  Enjoy!