Project 2: Design Development

View from above to show how the horizontal shelf is increasing in depth.
What can be seen/not seen from the two opposing sides.
Attempt in creating my sketches. The image here is a more exaggerated version of the one below to better show the extended portion of the shelf.
The less exaggerated version that is more likely to be realized.
Grasshopper screenshot.

Privacy Screen – Initial Ideas

Because the assignment is a children’s privacy screen, I wanted to incorprorate some type of interactive element to it to make it more interesting and playful. This could mean having moving pieces like pieces that flip or pull out.


Another idea follows more of the shape and geometry created from the previous product family project. I would somehow use the diamond shape design to connect pieces (overlapping, notch?).

Week 9: Reading + Project 2 Sketches

I managed to get through “In the Library of Form” but haven’t finished “The Blind Watchmaker” – these readings are super interesting and helped me further understand the breadth of Parametrics as an idea. Highly recommend reading!


I used this week to better understand how each piece will have to interact with others in order to create a stable structure. Here we see that each module will have to be able to connect to 4 other pieces: top, left, right, bottom. This iteration does NOT fulfill the 25% opacity in one direction and 75% in the other. This sketch was made in rhino, not grasshopper.

Photo Apr 01, 12 25 33SKETCH1sketch2sketch3sketch4