Parametric Seating Assignment – Spring 2013

The first assignment for the spring courses can be found by following this link.  For this four week assignment, students are asked to accurately model a precedent seating system of their choice and to extend the model parametrically using grasshopper.

We did this assignment once before last summer, and the results were very strong.  The intent of the assignment is to let students focus on the fundamentals of parametric modeling by taking the design work out of the project’s scope.

The assignment is also embedded below:

Class Syllabus – Spring 2013

The class syllabus for the Spring 2013 term can be found by following this link.  The schedule and content will most likely change a few times during the course of the semester based on our progress.  All changes made will be reflected in real time in the online doc – please be sure to check back from time to time to look for updates.

The document is also embedded below: