PRIVACY SCREEN_Stine & Aishwarya

The privacy screen project was inspired by the morphing of shapes and depth variations. As a result the final privacy screen project has a hexagon shaped grid, which has been altered using attractor points. The project has variation on thickness, making interesting sectional qualities to the design. The use of materials and opening sizes on either side of the screen help creat two different characteristics. Which ever side is more comfortable is up for personal opinion. The overall screen, creates little moments of curiosity as one look through and get a different view of framed Perspectives. We are both very happy with the design and look forward to making a new addition to our apartment!



SOFA Chicago 2015

Hi everyone!

I meant to publish this a long time ago, but obviously forgot!

Our 18′ tall hanging Parametric structure made of Watercolor Canson paper.We used brass brads to hold the individual pieces together.

A big thank you to Ben for all his help with the code !

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Mesh to Surface

Hi folks,

Anyone know how to convert a mesh to a surface? My partition code ends in a mesh, and in order to properly use the Unfold component we learned last class we need to plug in a surface. I¬†tried “Deconstruct Mesh” and “Explode Mesh” but no luck so far. I did some internet searches, but no luck so far on finding a straightforward solution.