2D Patterning Process

I was intrigued by the reading 1.3.3 Mathematics & Expressions and developed a 2d patterning based on the reading and class demo. By combining math equation into a 2d graphic, I came up with this spiral rose pattern.

started with a quick practice from reading 1.3.3
and then combined with what we learned from week 2 and week 3
spiral rose (rhodonea equation) sin(y/z)*x

Struggles: I guess because my slider numbers are really big, the animation automatically generated images from smaller radius (circle) to larger radius (circle). These images are not really showing some of the interesting patterns very well. Also GH running very slow.

2D Pattern process

For this one, I was trying to use TwnThruCrvs example along with random color and rotating box example (used the shapes to create extrusion) trying to explore interesting forms.. However, as I was working, I realized that the file was getting either too big or complex that it was freezing the computer too often to a point that I would not play around it further patience…. I was wondering if there were some unnecessary commands or maybe a better way to do this…

and here is are the commands that I used…

Also I was trying to open up demo file that I got from one of the students and I got this message…… I was wondering if I would fix this.

2D Pattern progress

  1. I made a hexagonal pattern at the beginning of the class and decided to combine it with some techniques that were shown during the lectures. I enjoy the result, but have a technical question how is it actually working since the main component is red??

2. The Rhino preview looks so much better than “view capture to file” :(

Since I had Human plug-in installed it allowed me to customize the lifework preview as well.

Because I combine multiple scripts in one file it generates two drawings at the same time, but I figured out a way to separately control them. One is based on “attractor point example” (above) ad the second one (below) is a more regular version of the grid. Can’t decide which one I like more!

2D Patterning Process

I have 2 questions this week.

  1. How to get rid of the red color and why there is red color?
  2. Why I can’t connect the “attractive points” and “evaluate surface” to the “pull point” together? When I try to connect them, Rhino will crash… But I succeeded to connect them before I add “tween through curves”.
Rendered view
Ghost view
The Second Question