Trouble creating a random pixel effect

Trying to add randomness to my hex grid but running into problems. I’m working off of the file we did in class. In the second of the two screenshots below there is some randomization going on but the hexes are also extruded and randomly so, and I’m not sure what is controlling this versus the randomization of the color. Ben – I just sent you an email about this.



Parametric Truss Series

Really liking this tutorial video series….but I can’t get through the end of the third one. When I try to check if everything is working on the curves at 7:55, I get the spinning wheel of death. After waiting a while I’m maybe able to move one slider but the triangles don’t look like they’re molding to the curves and then the application just stops responding. Have tried restarting the app and my computer a few times.

On the Spline: A Brief History of the Computational Curve

This reading was really interesting and informative. I was struck by how recent all of these developments of systematization are given how deeply rooted the curve is in design history. Reading about Casteljau’s realization – “rather than defining a curve by points along its length, [he figured out] that it could be accurately plotted and controlled by manipulating a few points around its vicinity – when these points of influence were moved, the curve would follow, similar to the intuitive response of moving the weights that anchored the boat builder’s spline”  – made me think about constructing a curve in rhino or a 3d form and making it dance – the number sliders in GH must be the equivalent to “these points around its vicinity.”